About Us

We are a global digital marketing company focused on increasing marketing outcomes with measurable results.

We have a rich team of talent in Digital Marketing, Analytics, Media Optimization, Localization and Sales Acceleration.

With a reach across the US, Asia-Pacific and Africa, we have a history of working with brands across the world.

We have deep experience in Omni-Channel Digital Marketing, Analytics, Customer Relationship Marketing and paid media optimization.

We believe that great experiences for one person are different to the next. We utilize data and technology to understand what works, when and for whom. We provide full-service digital optimization and personalization services.

We enable brands to quickly and effectively build organizational capability and accelerate return on digital investments.

By utilizing real time data and best of breed technology, adShika enables brands to:

  • Generate Demand, Build Relationships and Drive Sales
  • Engage across channels and achieve an e-mail platform, web tracking, triggering & publishing, and inbound & outbound social marketing.
  • Have a single view of each consumer across channels, including behavioral, demographic, and transactional data.
  • Plan and execute real-time cross-channel campaigns
  • Execute on real time customer segmentation and drive conversion
  • Turn web analytics data into insights and strategy
  • Conduct A/B or multivariate testing to measure content effectiveness
  • Implement, manage and monetize data management platforms

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